According to the various applications, threads rolling are categorized into:
In-Feed Oder Code Features Applications
In-Feed IF When gear presses into radial and retreats from radial, the parts are activated by radial, and rotate on the spot. After finishing rotation, they retreat.  Gear length is longer than parts teeth.
Through feed with return TFR When rolling, the right part of caster retreats and puts in the parts that makes the right part of caster press in to pull in parts. After extending the required length, moving the caster and taking out the parts. Unconnected thread rod with heads.
Through feed with no return TFNR Two gears rotate in the proper distance. Then, they pull in parts, make the parts go through gears and shape. Thread rods and socket set screws without heads.
Thrus-Rolling TR Tilt rolling shaft makes lead angle of gear and dip angle of rolling shaft go with the working lead angle, and roll parts by the methods of through feed.  Bigger lead angle of through feed parts.
knurled gear KG Knurled gear is separated into SKG and DKG. General, handle and decorating parts or parts that require rough surfaces or friction.
forming gear According to the outline of parts to roll the parts shapes. Shaping, slight resistance or pipe shaping.
fixed gear Designing proper gear modulus and gears to go with the number of teeth and dimensions of every parts that parts require. Splined shaft that goes with splined hole or knurled parts that demand higher precision.

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